I came across Ms phrase encoder to complete documenting your display. You should use their dlls to include into your DONUMBER dependent framework to perform and report the program. In anyone framework you are able to create a technique which begins documenting since starting and afterwards during cleaning job, you could have several login to find out if you like to truly save documenting or not. http://seleniumidetraining.com/selenium-training-online-tutorials/

For instance, we my framework, we begin documenting centered on my settings document as well as in teardown techniques, we examine when there is a mistake or not. if indeed next we scribe into wmv structure otherwise we toss documenting. http://onlineseleniumtrainings.com/features-of-selenium-ide/Action ONE:

Deploy Ms Encoder Phrase: Send CerebrumLabs.com regarding that (http://www.cerebrumlabs.com/free-display-documenting-s/w/). When you deploy, you might get subsequent file in installment area. DO:Program Documents (x86)Microsoft Phrase. https://github.com/sebarmeli/Selenium2-Java-QuickStart-Archetype

In the event that you attempt to discover several files inside this file you’ll discover SDK file @: DO:Program Documents (x86)Ms ExpressionEncoder 4SDK, where you are able to observe Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.dlls that you may use inside your framework signal. http://seleniumvideotutorials.com/selenium-tutorials-online/

Action two:
Contain dlls provided in SDK files into your framework. You are able to create a technique and phone that. I’ve a vital price set in my own framework config document and that I may choose easily wish to accomplish documenting or not. Inside your test’s [create] technique, you are able to phone this method that’ll begin documenting at the start of the check.

using System;



using OpenQA.Selenium;



using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.ScreenCapture;

using System.Drawing;

using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Profiles;

using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder;

namespace FRAMEWORK


//Call this method in setup method.
public static void StartRecordingVideo()


//Provide setting in config file if you want to do recording or not.
if (testEInfo.isRecording)


job = new ScreenCaptureJob();

job.CaptureRectangle = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds;

job.ShowFlashingBoundary = true;

//provide the location where you want to save the recording.
job.OutputPath = AutomationLogging.newLocationInResultFolder;





Action Three:
Today your check began as well as in the back ground your display documenting happening. When you achieve towards the [teardown] technique. You are able to choose if you like to keep consitently the saving or not. In my own situation I do want to maintain documenting only when there’s check failing therefore my builders may evaluation otherwise there’s zero point-of getting documenting if assessments are moving. To do this I’ve subsequent technique in over signal that we call-in signal in the really finish. http://seleniumidetutorials.com/ide-scheduler-of-selenium-part-4/

public static void StopRecordingVideo()
            if (testEInfo.isRecording)
                string filename = job.ScreenCaptureFileName;
                if (AutomationLogging.countOfError > 0)
                    MediaItem src = new MediaItem(filename);
                    Job jb = new Job();
                    jb.OutputDirectory = AutomationLogging.newLocationInResultFolder;
                    string output = ((Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.JobBase)(jb)).ActualOutputDirectory;


during development, you might observe that encoder is consuming a bit more storage and also you program might small sluggish. Attempt at your finish and I would like to understand when you yourself have any query. http://seleniumtestingtraining.com/selenium-tutorials-newbies/

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